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    Is ETS Colibri® compatible with oil-free compressors?

    Yes, the ETS Colibri® can be used as an expansion valve in oil-free systems. We will be testing it for use as a gas control valve in oil-free systems.

    What controller is recommended?

    Danfoss offers the EKD316C to drive and control the Colibri valve. Danfoss can also offer our MCX061V or MCX152V system controllers. We have seamlessly incorporated control of the Colibri valve into these platforms as well.

    How does having 600 steps affect the control of the ETS Colibri®?

    We consider that 600 steps offers excellent control. The valve’s low hysteresis and linear characteristics ensure precise positioning and therefore accurate control. All our testing shows that 600 steps is more than enough for accurate system control.

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